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with developing news. cal train is reporting delays because of an accident in san bruno. officials say a south bound train hit a big rig crossing the track -- crossing the tracks. it happened at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon and trains have been singing tracking around the scene since. trains are 50 minutes behind schedule. i don't know was hurt and they are working to get the big rig out of there. it was jammed up against the engine. a few minutes ago they backed up the engine which will make it easier to remove the big rig. we will keep you boasted. but -- posted. at this point delays will continue for a while. 14-year-old boy is in critical condition after a car hit him in a crosswalk. he was crossing the street, it happened about 1:30 p.m.
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this afternoon. the victim was taken to the trauma unit in walnut creak and then to children's hospital. the street was blocked for nearly three hours. an unexpected announcement from the vatican today, pope benedict xvi is resigning. how his legacy may live on when the new pope is chosen. >> reporter: catholics are reacting to the resignation. >> this is a noble and selfless act. >> i think it is coming from his heart. if he has to do it, it is god's will. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi said his mind and body are no longer up to the job. >> after examined my conscious before god i have come to the certainly my strengths are no longer suited to the exercise
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of the ministry. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi took over in 2005 has it church was facing declining popularity over the sexual abuse of children by prese -- priest. >> we hope he will make decisive action that would protect kids today. [no audio] >> the church traces her continuity back to peter. we will look for someone who -- who is a very particulate voice. >> reporter: he will not be involved but he appointed half of the cardinals making the succession. pope benedict xvi will retire to a live of reflection and
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prayer in a monetary. ktvu channel 2 news. >> what many consider a strange mix, book bakers are offering odds on who will be the next pope. 3-1 on peter turkson. and 4-1 on frances of nigeria. >> we spoke to people to see what they think and we will have that starry in a couple -- story in a couple minute. >> the archdiocese says those who know him and watched his life unfold, can see that this decision to step down was motivated by what best serves the good of the church. you will find more coverage on our website and how the process
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works, go to and click on the pope resign's tab. even though a man hunt is still underway for a former los angeles police officer, chris dorner, the district attorney filed murder charges against them that stems from a shooting targeting two police officers, one officer was killed. the los angeles police department are offering a $1 million reward for information that leads to chris dorner's capture. they are following up on hundreds of tips. as we reported last week, chris dorner left a written manifesto saying he is targeting police officers. >> this is a man who demonstrated he will kill civilians who are connected to law enforcement. he would -- he will definitely kill somebody to allude capture. >> tension is high in southern california. yesterday police locked on a lowes after someone said they
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saw chris dorner but they did not find anything. punishment could be coming soon for the california public utilities commission. ktvu's eric rasmussen is in san francisco where with he learned the investigation is focusing on plumbers in the city. eric? >> reporter: right, frank, the p.u.c. won't say how many employees are involved but they come from the distribution division. they are accused of using computers and gambling. >> reporter: at this p.u.c. yard workers knew why we were there. >> heard about it like everybody else. >> where employees are suspected of using city computers to share pornography and gambling. >> the allegations are very
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disturbing. it is misuse of property for all the wrong reasons. >> reporter: mayor ed lee wants the investigation finished soon. for several months they have been investigating a tip from a whistle blower that they have been sending and receiving pornographic images on the job. >> we are looking into what types of photographs may or may have not be distributed. >> reporter: they don't suspect anything criminal, but it would be a violation of city policy and could lead to punishment. >> anytime you get an allegation you have to take the appropriate action to send a message it is not okay. >> reporter: we reached out to the union, local 38 but haven't heard back from them. the employees haven't been named and are still on the job during had investigation. today mayor ed lee said it
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could lead to more changes beyond punishing those responsible. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco police commission will hold the last of three public meetings tonightoon proposal -- tonight on a proposal by sun guns by -- stun guns by police officers. they want to give stun guns to police who have had training. the aclu is opposed to the idea saying they are too dangerous. tonight's meeting takes place at the opera house on third street at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night president obama will deliver his state of the union address which the white house says will focus on so-called pocket book issues, things aimed at helping the middle class. among the issues is economic expansion for the middle class and how private sector jobs have grown for three straight
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years. but some economic researchers say the numbers don't paint the full picture. >> it has not kept pace with population growth. many people have left the labor force because they are no longer looking for work. >> president obama is also expected to talk about fighting gun violence and climate change. ktvu channel 2 news will carry it live tomorrow night. coverage begins right here with ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m., state of the union coverage at 6:00 p.m. and followed by a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news at 7:30 p.m. san francisco's efforts to raise money for america's cup fell $30 million short. today the mayor gave us his plan to come up with the money. ktvu's john fowler is live with why some lost trust and demanding public hearings. john? >> reporter: wonderful day to sail, fresh breeze. for the last four hours we have
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been watching america's cup boats practice. the first race is in five months. organizers are millions of dollars short, they collected far less than half the promised donations. >> it is just shocking it is that bad this close to the race. >> reporter: he says people trusted the promises of no taxpayer money, a billion tourist dollars, of significant private investment. today it is a smaller race, just three teams. a controversial concert center and now this, he says the trust is broken. >> demand accountable from city hall. >> reporter: mayor ed lee. >> we are on a good course. >> reporter: the mayor expects national leaders to host fundraisers. next to the new america's cup
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village, peer 23 cafe expects a big boom. >> we are surrounded by water. it is the right thing to do. it will work out in the end. >> reporter: america's cup take it or leave it deal a year ago. >> we should take our time and evaluate to do it right. >> reporter: he is calling for public hearings to find out why taxpayers are on the hook. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. the ship pilot who calls the san francisco bay oil spill in 2007 is suing to get his license back. he filed the lawsuit against the department of homeland security the coast guard. he claims they are violating his rights by denying his request to renew his license. he hit the bay bridge tower causing a fuel oil spill.
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the coast guard concluded he was impaired by prescription drugs. the pope's announcement that he is resigning. what is the reaction in the bay area? ktvu's allie rasmus spoke to some people and some are already thinking ahead. >> reporter: 1.2 billion catholics across the globe. here or other parts of the world, many were surprised at the news of pope benedict xvi's resurgesidationination. -- resignation. >> reporter: mass went on in san francisco at noon despite the news pope benedict xvi planned to step down because of age and health. some applauded that move. >> wise. this pope is saying, you know, my health can't handle this. i can't travel anymore. >> my age. i am going to be 86 and he will
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be 86. i think it is time. >> reporter: other catholics were thinking ahead who might replace pope benedict xvi and any possible changing it might bring. pope benedict xvi was viewed as a traditionallests. -- traditionalists. some say don't expect dramatic policy changes from the next pope. we will explain why and a look at the contenders for that position coming up at 6:00 p.m. live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a billion dollars worth of new infrastructure will transform one of the worst communities in the -- commutes in the country. ahead. >> back here, you can see it is clear out there, dry as well. when i come back, how dry it has been and when our next chance for showers are. q well, well, well.
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a rock climber is safe after he was rescued from a bluff at bakers beach. someone called 911 and said the man climbed part way up the hill and was unable to get down. first responders reached the man and pulled him to safety. the fire department said he was not injured. work to improve one of the worst commutes in the bay area and extend bart further into contra costa county shifted into hyperdrive. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us live from the end of the line in contra costa county. tom? >> reporter: indeed. because bart ends right here for right now. and the freeway narrows from 4 lanes down to 2, this is one of the worst commutes in america.
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>> reporter: a billion dollars of road widening will revolutionize commuting. the clog, one of the nation's worst commutes should abate by 2015. >> new four lane in each direction, and a media that is prepared for bart out to hill crast. they will save 20 -- hillcrest. they will save 20 minutes. >> reporter: by 2017 bart's extension will haul passengers another 12 miles. >> it will help improve air quality, mobility. >> reporter: folks will get off bart here, walk 30 feet across the flat form and pick up right here to antioch. maybe to brentwood someday. >> improve the quality of people's lives, let them get
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home sooner, reduce the stress. >> reporter: this project from the bay bridge, tunnels, come online, improvments will be dramat -- improvements will be dramatic. >> here we are 75 years later, we need to reinvest in transportation so we can move people and goods around california and the bay area. >> reporter: a less painful commute could bring new jobs and new business to this area. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. motorcycle riders have new rules to follow. it is legal for motorcycle riders to squeeze between two lanes of traffic but today the chp issued the first guidelines for doing so. under the rules lane splitting is allowed if traffic is 30 miles per hour or less but
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motorcycle riders can only go 10 miles per hour faster than the vehicles being past. car tires slashes. investigators say 60 vehicles had their tires slashed. police started receiving calls about 7:00 a.m. and all of this will cost hundreds of 32s get the -- hundreds of dollars to get the tires fix. >> you see what happened is frustrating. >> the reason for the vandalism is unknown and police say there are no suspects. firefighters were busy today with a car fire. they received a call into 911 after someone spotted flames coming from a car. the car was parked in a lot. firefighters had difficulty putting out the fire, water midthe fire larger -- made the fire larger. part of the car may have been
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made with magnesium. the death of a student is under investigation. he was found unresponsive saturday night on the university campus. police say he was taken to the hospital where he died. at this point police do not expect foul play. alcohol had not been ruled out. starzz refewed their agreement -- renewed their agreement. it comes two months after netflix snatched future disney movies away from starzz. it gives them access to major hollywood releases. disney movies play on netflix instead of starzz. texas governor rick perry is here in the bay area trying
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to lure businesses to texas. after meeting with business executives in san francisco, rick perry will travel to southern california. during his trip he is hoping to attract members of the financial and film industries to move their businesses to texas. rick perry claims the business climate is more friendly in texas. people in mississippi are picking up the pieces aftera massive tornado last night -- after a massive tornado last night. 60 people were injured as a result of the storm. one of the hardest hit areas, the tornado traveled down the town's main road flipping cars and damaging buildings. 75 miles per hour path, thousands of people are without power. to the northeast, snow across the region. the weather system is blamed for 15 deaths in the northeast
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and canada. people are without power tonight. crews are working through miserable conditions to restore it. in massachusetts the hardest hit state, officials say some of the outages might linger till tuesday. the storm brought in the highest accumulations ever recorded. >> this is insane. this ask an insane amount of no. >> flights have resumed in the area that was closed during the storm and driving bans have been lifted. wow! >> the contrast is startling. and bill, here, spring time. >> yeah. mid-60s today. through the week, low 70s. it has been dry. we need rain. we are not going to get it. look that -- where we are right now. january, february. coming up here on the 12. you can see we have been dry, one of the driest januarys on
5:22 pm
record. to this point, it is the 5th driest in san francisco. half in of rain in oakland. second driest on record. .93 in santa cruz. driest since 1983. these aren't records, just the idea, it is dry. you can feel it out there. i am scratching my head, been here a long time. paying attention to weather for a lot of years, 30 years, i can't remember when we had a dry january, i have seen dry januarys and dry februaries, not often you get it back to back. december, amazing. it was huge. that is the good news. 98, 95% of average for most cities. this ridge of high pressure is
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living over the top of us and not going anywhere soon. you can see the winds working off shore. the fog, pushed away. one more time. off shore winds. land to see. it will get warm. that is why it was warm. one reason why it is cool too. skies are clear, winds are calm. temperatures at least in the 30s, low 30s and plenty of frost. that is the deal in the morning, you are sending the kids to school in one outfit and they are coming home in another. freezing in the morning, afternoon, mid-60s. that is how it goes this week. unusual -- not unusual, but cold in the morning. warm during the day. the forest headlines, tonight frost returns. tomorrow like today but warmer. extended forecast, warmer too. when i come back, how warm it will get into the week. we will see you back here.
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you pay for yours, why is someone else getting it on your dime. we uncovered half a million in taxpayer money for a luxury. >> and a state prison system as a source of income? who is making millions of dollars legally through state battles?
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so did you know your tax
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dollars bailing out a barbershop at the u.s. capital? poplic records -- public records show taxpayers laid out a million kls to cover the -- dollar oz cover the cost -- dollars to cover the cost. >> reporter: the folks in charge ban you from bringing cameras inside but we dug up one photo. an executive getting a head shave. the hair cuts $27. die job $125. yet the u.s. senate barbershop is financially under water. taxpayers provided a half million dollars to help them pay their bills last year and we provided $300,000 in bail out money in 2011 and 2010. >> it is a luxury. in the basement of the capital, steps away from where senators have their offenses and where
5:28 pm
lobbyists are working. >> if taxpayers knew all the perqs and they for, they would -- there would be riots in the streets. >> reporter: their own post offices, cafes and they have permission to lease cars and $174,000 a year salaries. why does it cost so much for a barbershop? 10 employees on the payroll, making $81,000 a year. equipment, supplies. still don't expect a financial hair cut here soon, congress poised to spend $4 billion this year alone. scott mcfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. private lawyers are making tens of millions of dollars as a result of lawsuits against
5:29 pm
the federal prison system. governor jerry brown said they provide income for the lawyers. and that he said gives them incentive to keep the cases alive. government provided lawyers for inmates received $182 million from tax payers payers to pay for lawsuits. these workers are replacing copper wires, how thieves are effecting your commute. >> a city hall wedding ceremony with a serious message, the gift the groom needs to save his life.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. caltrans working to repair
5:32 pm
damage done by thieves that makes our commutes longer and more dangerous. copper thefts are hitting caltrans and drivers hard with more and more criminals stealing the metal. ktvu's rob roth has the two changes they are making to try to stop this problem. >> reporter: you can see where thieves struck. this is highway 242. the copper wires that was inside this box have been torn out, the light is off and the top of the light twisted. metal thieves are strike leg over the bay area -- striking all over the bay area. >> getting worse. >> reporter: and expensive. they will replace the boxes today off 880. they spent $2 million a year to repair damage by metal thieves in the bay area alone. >> could be used to fix pot
5:33 pm
holes, fix guard rails. there lot of things we could use it on. >> reporter: someone selling copper could get $3 a pound. many centers can tell if wires game from a government agency. >> distinctive different where we can recognize as being from a government like caltrans we can't won't buy. >> reporter: the block outs are to blame for traffic congestion. >> 880 always bad. >> costing time. it is costing loss productivity. causing a lot of frustration. >> reporter: they are making the meter boxes more secure and switching to less valuable aluminum. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. democrats are moving ahead with plans on a vote on chuck
5:34 pm
hagel's vote despite opposition by republicans. they are set to vote tomorrow on president president obama's nominee. some republicans on the committee say they have concerns about some of his positions on national security. the normer navy s.e.a.l. who fire -- former navy s.e.a.l. who fired the shot that killed osama bin laden says he has no health benefits or pension now. he is referred to as the shooter. he lost his pension and health coverage when he left the navy and no one is protecting him and his family from reprisals. >> i think he has nightmares how he will support his family, he is not alone. our reporter reported average
5:35 pm
way for disability is 9 months. he is no better shape. >> the navy issued a statement saying it takes seriously the protection and healthcare but without more specifics can't comment. led poisoning could be behind some crimes. new research shows there may be a link between led exposure and criminality. evidence of poor intelligence, low communication skills and behavioral problems. they have raised concentrations of led in their bones. two farmers could get jail time for leaving thousands of hens without food or water. the discovery of 50,000 abandon
5:36 pm
chickens. most were dead or dying. 5,000 survived. prosecutors pressed charges today against the owners. they could get three years behind bars if contradicted. -- convicted. a wedding this afternoon peaked our interest. ktvu's david stevenson was there and is here to tell us what made this wedding so different. >> reporter: it took place 90 minutes ago, it sistered on a -- centered on a matter of life and death. >> reporter: with california's attorney general presiding they today renewed their vows, five months after a hospital wedding. >> he was on a ventilator and he could shake his head but i wanted it done. >> reporter: he suffers from leukemia. he needs a donor for a bone
5:37 pm
marrow transplant within the next two months. >> when people are educated about the opportunity most folks step up to the plate. >> it takes about 4 weeks. >> the couple used the salvation army to highlight the -- ceremony to highlight the shortage of marrow donors. >> african americans make up 7%. survival rate is 66%. with caucasians it is 91%. >> reporter: they hope to register new donors. dozens volunteered ahead of the wedding. >> i had no idea how easy it was to be tested. >> give it a shot. good deed. >> the goal, save kevin and others. >> if someone is fighting a disease like cancer, leukemia, their worry should be about getting healed. we are going to change that.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: anyone interested in becoming a donor can find out more about the process and register online. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a search warrant turned up something unexpected. investigators found, there it is, a three foot long baby alligator with marijuana, guns and $29,000 in cash. the alligator was turned over to human services. as a result of the search two more homes were searched. police say both of them had indoor marijuana grows. totaling 900 marijuana plants. an unhealthy relationship. how a lot of time spent worrying may leave you with more than a broken heart. >> we have a problem. >> she is a gun owner but she wants changes. the new message from former arizona congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords you may see on your television. @รท
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an rocket carrying an earth observing satellite lifted off today. along it central california coast. the satellite will monitor changes in the earth's natural
5:42 pm
resources. the first launched in 1972. this is the 8th one. it has censors more powerful than the previous. the satellites monitor doubt, crop out put. if you spend time worrying about your relationships you could be compromising your health. a study suggests concerns and anxieties about relationships can compromise your immune systems. those who were concerned about being rejected produced higher levels levels of a stress hormone. that effected the immune system's defense against infection. the study is scheduled for print. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is starring in a new gun control add. >> we have a problem.
5:43 pm
where we shop, where we pray, where our children go to school. >> the ad was produced by her action committee, americans for responsible solutions. gabrielle giffords, who is a gun owner says there is solutions everyone can agree on. the ad is running now. >> thousands of people turned out in texas to honor former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle. inside the dallas cowboy stadium. he wrote the book american stiper. another veteran shot and killed him several days ago. >> i stand before you a broken woman, i am now and always will be the wife of a man who is a
5:44 pm
warrior on and off the battle field. >> he will be buried in austin. many community based constructions are allowed to do something private industries would never been allowed to do. >> fog shows up by the golden gate bridge, what will it be like into the next few days? i will give you a hint, i will get warmer. how much warmer? i will have the specifics.
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we have breaking news now from richmond. an officer involved shooting. police say they bed reports of a man -- they received reports of a man with a gun. this happened in the past hour. police say they were forced to shoot the man, he was taken to a hospital. we are working to learn what condition he is in. news chopper 2 is on its way as we are getting more information and we will update this story in less than 15 minutes. the promise of clean, green, local and inexpensive electricity is a big enticement to form a buying pool. the concept is spreading. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar looks line one buying pool in marine county where a government agency may be forcing itself. >> reporter: five years ago governments formed mce to offer clean, green, local energy to
5:48 pm
residents. legislators made opt out programs. forcing customers to opt out ensures most will do nothing. this important decision was relegated to post cards that looked like junk mail. >> we sent a post guard and a lettal in an -- letter in an envelope. that approach was a lot more effective in getting folk's attention. >> opting out is choice. >> reporter: he was one of 20% of customers who opted out. >> i find so many people who don't know they are in this thing and they are bright
5:49 pm
people. >> reporter: he also opted out said many of his neighbors and friends tried to opt out with lessal or no suck -- little or no success. >> they were put on hold for 20, 30, 40 minutes. finally most of them hung up. same thing or the phones were busied out. >> one day i received a letter saying welcome. >> reporter: she also had to opt out twice. >> i did call back and they didn't have it. i had the name of the woman i spoke to. >> reporter: she is the director of clean energy. >> in july we ran into glitches. >> reporter: does she feel consumers are well informed?
5:50 pm
>> absolutely. >> reporter: several governments that forced the residents in opted out to buy their power from pg&e. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you are having issues send your comments to news tips as this investigation continues. check your credit report. that is the advice following a study on the three big credit reporting agents. 1-5 consumers had an error in their credit report based on a review of a thousand reports and that could lead it a lower credit score or higher interest rates or you could be denied a loan. you could request a free report once a year. the largest web hosting company expanded into the south bay today. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the new go daddy offices. the company is based in arizona
5:51 pm
and has reported double digit growth for 9 years. it has 3400 employees world wide and hiring in sunnyvale. >> reporter: wall street was quiet today. the dow is down 21 to 13,971. the nasdaq is down 1 at 3,192. the s&p is down 0.92 at 1,517. two years ago a team discovered the two small moons of pluto known as p4 and p5. today the group announced it is holding a contest for public voting on the names. pluto has moons with similar names. voting goes for the next two weeks and 12 choices are available. check them out at what a day today. >> check out the temperatures. these are the numbers from today. not from a day in april.
5:52 pm
but a day in february. high temperatures. 67 napa. 67 santa rosa. that is pretty warm, isn't it? livermore 61. san jose 62. redwood city 64. this is how it goes all week. high-pressure system, it is fat. going from here, all the way out here, towards denver. this whole thing, what is that? 5,000-miles? 4,000-miles? fat ridge. hard to break down. when i say break down, storms can get through, that is not going to happen. we will have another warm and dry week. cool over night lows. frost in the mornings. in the morning, jackets and gloves but kids coming home in t-shirts. make sure they remember to bring their stuff home. cool in the morning, warm
5:53 pm
during the day. it continues through the bay area week. winds kick up a little bit. rainfall, amazing what we have done considering it hasn't rained, really, has it? 100%. that is how much rain we got. russian river went to near flood stage. now the numbers are coming below 100% this week. before we get rain in here, most of the percentages will be in the low 80s, upper 70s. model keeps everything to the north of us. high pressure, no clouds. air is sinking. high pressure is in the neighborhood and stays in the neighborhood. highs for tomorrow, above the average most certainly. starts off cold. big spreads. starting off in the 30s, ending up in the 70s. five-day forecast -- look at
5:54 pm
that. five-day forecast -- >> wow! >> what months is it? i didn't know -- i would go must be june -- >> april. [ talking at the same time ] >> more like may. no rain. warmer this week. >> thank you. happy. thank you. the end of the era, the tennis tournament is under way in san jose, the reason this marks the last time the tournament is played in the south bay and the reason it is leaving town.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
on wednesday lawyers for baby bonds is -- barry bonds is scheduled to challenge his conviction. he needs 2-3 to over turn his conviction. he was convicted of misleading a grand jury investigating had steroid scandal in 2011. if it is rejected two years probation and one month of home confinement stands. the sap tennis tournament in san jose opened today, it is the start of the final chapter in the bay area. >> disappointing. but nice to have it here one more year. >> had different names and sponsors and been in existence for more than 100 years.
5:58 pm
as players play, fans know they are watching history end. >> disappointing. been coming to the tournament since it was in san francisco for the last 10, 12 years. >> the tournament is relocating because of poor attendance and a lack of big name players. next year it moves to memphis and after that to brazil. public employees downloading pornographry at work. what we -- pornography at work, what we discovered and a gun club at the center of the gun control debate, pitting one community against each other. you can't move the tv there.
5:59 pm
yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet

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